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Know your rights when debt collectors call

“I’ll send you to collection” shouldn’t be used as a threat, as collection services are a legitimate and legal way for a business to get the money that they’re owed that has been promised.


Where Can Consumers Go to Find Alternative Credit?

Far too many people are under the mistaken impression that if a major lender tells them “no” they have no other alternatives to consider. While that was the story once upon a time, it is no longer the case for all credit situations and circumstances.


Average Consumer Credit Scores on the Rise

As of September 10, 2019, consumer FICO credit scores hit a new high with the average, nationwide credit score increasing 11 points during the preceding quarter, according to the Washington Post.


Consumer ID theft drops but problems persist

The number of identity theft incidences dropped in 2018 but the problem still persists for millions of consumers. According to Javelin Strategy & Research in its 2019 Identity Fraud Study, the number of people who fell victim to identity theft fraud fell from 16.7 million in 2017 to 14.4 million in 2018.


What to look out for when taking out a short-term loan

Consumers often pursue short-term loans to get access to a little extra cash to get by when needed. While this type of borrowing is helpful, it’s important to understand how quickly these loans can spiral out of control if not careful. Before signing on the dotted line, always be sure to thoroughly understand how the short-term loan process and its payback terms work.


How to end collection calls

Statistics suggest Americans owe $13.51 trillion in consumer debt. As a result, many collection agencies are busy making calls to chase down payment. The problem is it’s common for debt collectors to harass consumers in attempts to collect. Furthermore, consumers change their phone numbers, or they fraudulently give companies the wrong number.


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