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Saving money on holiday utilities bills

When the weather turns cold, people are used to paying more for their utilities bills because they're generally turning up the heat and spending more time in their homes. And when the holidays roll around, those bills can shoot up even


Can apps help consumers save money?

Millions of Americans are always on the lookout for new ways to save money in their everyday lives, and there are plenty of companies that want to help them do that. From those that run websites designed to help people find deals online to


Is couponing really worth it?

Every year, many Americans devote dozens of hours to carefully going through their local newspapers and online ads to find coupons that will potentially help them to save a lot of money in their everyday lives. However, some experts have come


Saving money on utilities this winter

While it's not yet Thanksgiving, the fact of the matter is that cold winter weather is right around the corner. The problem with this for many Americans is that they tend to spend a lot more on their heat and even electricity during the


Saving money on holiday shopping

The holiday shopping season has arrived for millions of Americans, even if it doesn't officially kick off until the day after Thanksgiving. However, while many will scramble for any deals they can find in the coming weeks, it's important


Consumers can build credit without a co-signer

Over the last several years, a lot of attention has been paid by consumers and businesses alike to the importance of building and maintaining a good credit score. But one of the issues that millions of Americans faced in the wake of the economic


Just how many people are 'credit invisible?'

One of the big issues for many consumers who do not have access to credit right now is that they feel as though they have no real way of proving themselves fit to borrow responsibly. And as far as many of the nation's financial institutions


More millennials successfully saving money

In the last few years, many Americans have continued to struggle financially despite the overarching economic improvement seen nationwide. However, this may be particularly true of young adults, for whom the effects of the recession likely


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