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Can bad credit hurt your job search?

Millions of Americans have likely learned the hard way over the past few years that bad or limited credit histories can make it very difficult to establish a strong financial base. This is true for a large number of reasons, but perhaps the


Saving money only part of the path to financial success

Just about everyone would probably be a little better off if they saved more money than they currently do, and that's certainly true of those who struggle to pay their bills each month. Failure to put some money away - whether into an emergency


What can consumers do with alternative credit scores?

Millions of Americans may have learned over the last several years that it's important to maintain a good credit score, and that this can be closely linked to also having healthy overall finances. However, many might have also heard of


How to save money around the house

Each year, millions of consumers across the country may decide that they need to start saving more money, whether it's to pay for other expenses, pay down debt, or build an emergency savings account. There are, of course, many ways to do


Many ways to save while keeping a home warm in winter

When the winter months roll around, most homes probably see their energy costs skyrocket. Whether they have electric or gas heat, the cost of warming an apartment or house can be quite high each month, especially when particularly frigid weather


How to save on necessary home purchases

Millions of Americans may live with appliances and other devices in their homes that are getting old and may not work as well as they once did. The reason why they do so is often that they see the price tag for new appliances and may immediately


Can consumers save money on their cell phone bills?

There are many things on which consumers may spend their money in a given month that they feel is absolutely necessary. These days, that includes cell phones and, more often, smartphones. Unfortunately for many Americans, the cost of doing


Many unexpected ways to save money in the new year

Millions of Americans may know that their financial situation is a bit precarious, and want to save money as a result. For many, though, that is far easier said than done, and these people likely feel there are certain financial realities which


How can consumers save money in the new year?

Some of the big New Year's Resolutions that people adopt each year are related to their financial security. Many Americans aim to pay down their debts, save a little bit of money, or both, over the course of each new year. However, while


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