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3 cheap ways to protect your home from burglars

Summertime vacations can be easily ruined if you return to a burglarized home. According to A Secure Life, FBI data suggests that one in 36 homes in the United States are broken-into on an annual basis. This rate is particularly


6 tips for saving money on your car insurance

You may have come to accept that your car insurance is simply expensive, and that you will have to begrudgingly deal with that fact of life for as long as you sit behind the wheel. This isn't always the case though, as there are ways to


6 tips for staying fit without spending too much

We're halfway through beach season and if you still don't feel ready to hit the beach in your bathing suit it may be time to find a cheap gym membership to get back into shape. There are many ways to work your way around the rising


4 tips for saving on utilities year-round

Whether you're cooling your home this summer or thinking back on those nasty gas bills from heating your home during a harsh winter, the thought of paying your utilities at the end of the month is rarely - if ever - pleasant.


4 tips for planning an affordable road trip

Summer vacations are often characterized by wide open highways dotted with cars packed full of families headed toward far away destinations on road trips to see family, friends or exotic locations. Often the cost of these trips can rack


How to put together a cheap DIY soccer net

Four years have passed since the last time the world gathered to witness the beautiful game play out for a month on countless television sets. The World Cup, soccer's biggest tournament, is back again and it is everywhere. If your


Insure your home for hurricanes without overspending

Hurricane season is here and before the storms ramp up it is a good idea to make sure your insurance will cover damage to your home.According to Florida Weekly, the biggest threat a hurricane poses to your home is flooding. Flood


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