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What does Connect mean?

It’s an idea we started back in 2005 that has caught on. Today we’re the largest non-traditional Consumer Reporting Agency helping lenders across the country to discover that consumers who pay their bills on time are also good candidates for lending.

Why is Connect better?

To begin with Connect is free. You can sign up free, use the tools for free and see your score for free. Some competitors like to say they are free but in reality they wait until you've created an account and then charge you to verify your bills or provide you a report. Convenience is the other big reason people love Connect. We verify your bills electronically so you don't need to update your information each month. And Connect lets you manage and organize your bills and accounts - including your finances, utilities, rent/mortgage, insurance, travel rewards, subscriptions and more - in one place, while also giving you a reliable alternative credit score.

Does Connect have anything to do with TransUnion, Equifax or Experian?

No, Connect is a part of MicroBilt, a Consumer Reporting Agency registered with the CFPB and operates under the FCRA just like those companies but uses “non-traditional information” (utility, mobile phone, and other bills) to build your score. Connect does not affect the reports of these other companies.

How big is Connect?

Connect is the largest provider of non-traditional data to the credit market.

Who is MicroBilt and why are they mentioned with Connect?

MicroBilt is the owner of Connect. As a leading single source provider of decision critical information that assists businesses in reducing and managing risk, MicroBilt provides online access to consumer and commercial credit bureau data, automated decisioning and collection services, as well as industry benchmark data and risk management tools. MicroBilt has over 40 years of experience in risk management for business and its leading edge technology forms the backbone of the Connect service offering.

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