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4 strategies that help pay off your student loans

In a about a month, you'll go back to campus and continue your studies. Although it's a great experience, you can't shake the thought of the student debt you'll have to address after you graduate.Paying student loan bills on


How to build credit while paying off college debt

Although you just graduated college and got your first job, you're thinking ahead: What do I need to do before I can buy a house? How much money should I put on a down payment for a new car?By now, you've realized that building good


Improving your credit on Financial Health Day

Are you happy with your financial situation? If you're like most Americans, the answer is probably no. Last year, a survey from the Center for Financial Services Innovation found that 57 percent of American adults struggle financially,


Obama, Elkhart and credit scores in America today

Shortly after President Obama first took office, he had a decision to make. Actually, he had many, many decisions to make, but this one stood out: Which American city should he visit first? While such a visit wasn't likely to have much


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