How to save money on rental cars

Often the arrival of summer comes with a desire to get away. As children begin summer vacation and the weather warms many will be taking advantage of the pleasant months to come after a harsh winter.

If you intend to rent a car on your next trip however, then be wary of the price. Being savvy about rental car shopping will increase the budget of your get-away. According to, the important first step is to do plenty of research. There is a wealth of websites with price listings searchable by city or airport location. Make sure all taxes and fees are included in the deals listed. Also check company websites for rate quotes and discounts. 

Though this can be difficult depending on your means of travel, try to avoid airport rents as well. According to the New York Times if there is public transportation that can take you to a rental location away from the airport, there is plenty of money to be saved. Often rental companies will include airport fees, or at least charge higher rates. 

Additionally, the New York Times recommends prepaying for your rental car. Companies are offering discounts of up to 20 percent for those who are willing to prepay. Check around as some websites may offer deeper discounts for those willing to lock-in a price beforehand than others. 

Also, make sure to check out weekend rates when doing your research. Some weekend discounts are as high as 50 percent off, according to Marty Paz, a telecommunications manager and "car rental pricing sleuth" told the New York Times that if you set up your return time for after weekend rates kick-in, you can return the car early - before the weekend pricing begins - while avoiding the higher Monday through Friday charges. 

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