Best credit cards for post-grads

No longer are students signing up for their first credit card on the first day of college. New regulations make it more difficult to get a credit card any time you want, and many students are graduating college without ever having had a credit card of their own. has identified several cards specifically tailored to the spending and habits of post-grads.

First is the Sony Card from Capital One. According to the card's website, it quickly rewards you for purchasing Sony products. Movies and dining out will earn users 3x points, while Sony products will earn 5x points. calls it a great card for the post-grad seeking to furnish their first apartment. In addition to the points accrued through Sony purchases, Sony Card holders have up to 10 months with 0 percent APR. 

Another card listed by is the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card. Miles accrued with this card will not expire, and there is no limit to how many you can earn, according to Capital One. This makes this card perfect for post-grads who want to see the world before settling down, or for those who never intend to settle at all. Additionally, the card can be used to travel at any time without black out dates and there are no foreign transaction fees.

Lastly there is the Orchard Bank Classic Mastercard.  The card is considered by to be an excellent card for post-grads who have no credit and intend to build theirs soon. Information is updated constantly and reported to three major credit bureaus monthly, according to It comes with email and text reminders notifying cardholders to pay their bills and includes customer service by phone and web that allows for tracking purchases and budgeting. 

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