No Credit Card? No Problem!: The Top Alternatives to Credit Cards

Approximately 26 million Americans are credit invisible. When you are credit invisible, it means you have no data to show credit bureaus that you are credit-worthy. So, what can you do?

There are alternatives to credit cards for people like you! Whether you don't have the history or you simply don't want a credit card, there are options out there. We are going to discuss the top alternatives to credit cards in this useful guide. 

So, before you stress another second thinking, I can't get a credit card...Read this article! 


PayPal is one of the top alternatives to credit cards available right now; in fact, PayPal has over 361 million active users! PayPal is a digitalized payment platform that even has an app for convenience. On the PayPal platform, users can send and receive payments, direct deposits, and link their bank accounts if necessary. 

As far as credit card alternatives are concerned, PayPal is an excellent option. PayPal users have the opportunity to get a PayPal credit card if interested, or they can use the traditional platform on its own. 


Although Chime is a credit card, it works alternatively to other credit cards on the market. Chime is a secure credit card, which means that the credit card owner deposits their own money (usually a $200 direct deposit to start) to the card and makes monthly on-time payments to build credit. 

This type of card is good for underbanked people who are credit invisible because it allows them to build credit without jumping through the hoops to get a credit card. Unlike traditional credit cards, the Chime credit card does not allow for balances to be carried from month to month, and there is no interest or other fees associated with the card. 


Loans are one of the original credit card alternatives. Generally, it would be best to have credit for a loan, but certain loans are available to those with poor credit scores or credit invisible. 

A secured loan is a loan taken against something you own, such as your home or vehicle. This type of loan uses a person's assets to secure the loan to get a higher amount.

A personal loan is another option that can be used as an alternative to credit cards. Personal loans have varying repayment terms and interest fees, though, so payments must be made on time to avoid a negative impact on credit.

Finding Alternatives to Credit Cards 

These simple solutions are perfect alternatives to credit cards! Just remember, perfect credit is not built overnight, so if you are like one of the 26 million people in the United States who are credit invisible, then think about starting on building yours today! 

Don't feel alone if you are struggling to build your credit...We are here to help! We have assisted millions of credit invisible people like you, so visit us today and learn more about alternative credit solutions! 

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