4 cheap summer activities

As the UV index climbs somewhere above the abysmal number it hovers around during the winter months many people will be looking for ways to enjoy the weather without allowing their bank accounts to slip toward a level of numeric disappointment similar to that of December UV. However there are plenty of ways to enjoy the summer on a budget. Here is some advice for how to catch some rays with a thin wallet.

Free or cheap local attractions
Many cities offer attractions such as zoos or museums for free, or at discounted rates, according to The Simple Dollar. 20 Something Finance also suggests community pools as a cheap and fun activity. Kids can get in at discounted rates, even free. 

Play a sport in the park or your backyard
The Simple Dollar cites this as another cheap way to enjoy your summer. Grab a soccer ball, use whatever you can as a goal and start kicking it around. Of course, if you don't have one lying around then that might cost money, but playing in your backyard is still cheaper than tickets to the game. 

Build a house
This may initially seem impractical, but 20 Something Finance states that Habitat for Humanity is often looking for volunteers. This is also a great way to make new friends, contribute to your - or any - community, and feel good about yourself. You'll get to spend some time out doors and fine-tune those home maintenance skills. 

Start composting
As long as you're being a good person, why not start a compost garden as well? According to The Simple Dollar, all that is really necessary is a large bin or bucket. Then build a collection of egg shells, vegetable waste, coffee grinds and dirt. Move it around occasionally in order to keep the soil moist, and wait for the hue to grow darker. When it is black, you have the ultimate natural fertilizer. 

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