3 reasons why you may have a bad credit score [Video]

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Taken a look at your credit score recently? Not what you wanted to see? There are three reasons why you might have a bad credit score: 

Number one: You maxed out your credit card. This will negatively affect your credit utilization rate - which accounts for 30 percent of your credit score. 

Number two: You only have one form of credit. Even if you're financially responsible, credit bureaus like to see a mix of loans and credit on your report. Plus, if you miss a payment on your credit card, this will have a greater impact on your report, as you don't have any other loans or credit cards to balance it out.

Number three: You missed a few payments. Stay on top of your bills. If you receive one in the mail, pay it immediately. That way, you won't forget about it if you place it aside.

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